District Information

For the past four years, our district has been involved in the development and implementation of Comprehensive Improvement Plans, which are data-driven and serve as viable school improvement documents for our future. The District Comprehensive Improvement Plan models the kinds of data collection, analysis, and intervention strategies expected in the individual Building Improvement Plans. The district sets the goal umbrella from which the buildings select the goals that best match their unique needs. District and building goals address proficiency scores, standardized test scores, reading, math, technology standards, professional development, and parent, business, and community involvement.

Integral to the whole process of school improvement is the use of quality tools and concepts. This approach uses data to help students, teachers and parents be proactive in meeting individual student needs as well as involving all stakeholders and evaluating results. This data-driven process includes examining student test scores to determine intervention strategies that will help students increase academic achievements.

We are enthusiastic that the District and Building Comprehensive Improvement Plans through sustained effort will provide positive results in meeting individual student needs and improved academic performance.


I. Improving Student Achievement

  1. All students will read at or above grade level based on standardized measures.
  2. All students will be able to communicate effectively both in written and oral expression.
  3. All students will perform at or above their perceived ability in reading and math as measured by standardized achievement tests.
  4. All students will meet or exceed state performance standards on achievement and graduation tests and demonstrate continuous improvement across grade levels.
  5. All students will be appropriately challenged in math as measured by multiple criteria.
  6. The graduation rate will continue to exceed state standards.

II. Improved Learning Environment

  1. All students will have access to quality facilities and resources.
  2. All students and staff will actively use technology to communicate, research, problem solve, and present information.
  3. All staff members will promote positive relationships and creative, effective delivery of curriculum to ensure relevant, rigorous instruction at all levels.

III. Family, Business and Community Involvement

  1. Provide opportunities for parental, community and business involvement in a collaborative educational process.