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Sherri Zynda
Director of Special Programming
Phone:  (614) 478-5525 | Fax:  (614) 337-3762

Gifted education services are available for identified and qualifying students. 

Elementary School Level

At the elementary level students may participate in accelerated reading and/or math programs, focused acceleration, and grade acceleration dependent on each student's area of need and giftedness. Gifted intervention specialists are responsible for the identified students' instruction and assessment in math and/or language arts. The classes meet each day in place of regular classroom instruction in those two disciplines.

Middle School Level

The middle school programs consist of focused acceleration, advanced math options, and language arts classes in which students are clustered with teachers experienced in differentiated instruction. Middle school gifted intervention specialists in math and language arts work with the classroom teacher, as well as with the students, to develop and deliver appropriately challenging instruction.  

High School Level

A wide range of options exist at the high school level for identified and motivated students through honors classes, advanced placement courses, independent study and mentorships, acceleration and dual enrollment.A high school level gifted intervention specialist is available to assist students in scheduling, college applications, various summer opportunities, and other issues.