Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools
The Gahanna-Jefferson Way

  • To understand and appreciate the importance of
    academics, the arts, and fitness and wellness
  • To respect the history, accomplishments, and service of Gahanna-Jefferson residents
  • To value the contributions of teams, clubs, and other Gahanna-Jefferson groups


We educate each student to be serious about learning and to thrive in the 21st Century global community.

   A Gahanna-Jefferson graduate is...
A Responsible Community Member

  • I can demonstrate a strong work ethic.
  • I can respect myself, others, and the environment.
  • I can appreciate the differences in others.
  • I can model positive character traits and set goals.
  • I can serve my community and help others.
  • I can make safe and healthy choices.
  An Effective Communicator

  • I can be a focused and respectful listener.
  • I can be a quality writer.
  • I can speak to different audiences.
  • I can gather and understand information.
  • I can post, text, tweet, blog, and comment responsibly when using social media.

A Collaborative Team Member

  • I can work with others and lead when needed.
  • I can respect others’ ideas, even if they are different from my own.
  • I can learn from others.
  • I can be passionate about my beliefs.

A Comprehensive Problem Solver

  • I can think creatively on my own.
  • I can find people or resources to help me.
  • I can develop a plan for different situations.
  • I can check my plan, decide what to do next, and keep working toward my goal.
A Skillful Technology User

  • I can choose technology and information that will help me achieve my goals.
  • I can creatively use different technology to show what I have learned.
  • I can use technology to share information as I work with others.
  • I can use technology responsibly and honestly. 
The Commitment of the Gahanna-Jefferson Board of Education

Each student will receive a rigorous academic foundation in English, mathematics, science, social studies, economics, foreign language, fine arts, speech technology applications, physical and health educations, and optional courses. Each student will be able to pursue educational opportunities relevant to individual interests. The relationships the student develops with peers, staff, and community members throughout the Gahanna-Jefferson journey will support the transformation from student to educated, responsible citizen.

Overall District Goals - Click Here!

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