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Secretary: Debbie Arnold
Office of Community Services

Phone: (614) 471-7065
Fax: (614) 478-5568

Gahanna-Jefferson's "Lions Pride" is evident in our excellent academic programs, positive school-business partnerships, and generations of families who continue to take an active role in our schools and community. However, the key source of our "Lions Pride" is the district's students and alumni!

Several activities in the district recognize alumnus such as the Gahanna Lincoln High School Alumni Hall of Fame, the Gahanna Lincoln Athletic Hall of Fame and the Gahanna-Jefferson Education Foundation. Each of these associations is committed to the recognition of GLHS alumni and staff. If you are interested in nominating individuals for these honors, forms can be obtained at www.gjef.org.

Also, available to alumnus are reunion opportunities and the ability to purchase a GLHS Alumni CD. To provide information for postings of upcoming reunions or to purchase a GLHS Alumni CD, please e-mail Debbie Arnold.

Class Reunion Contacts

Alumni are expressing more interest in a multi-class reunion. Please take a moment to respond to this survey: http://www.alumniclass.com/lincolnhsoh

Class of Date & Time Location Contact Information
2005   Melissa Little at mlittle86@aol.com or 614-622-9619
2002     NatalieBirat natbir4@gmail.com
2000   Please send contact information to planning committee at reunionGLHS2000@gmail.com
1999     Brandy Ebright at 614-406-0660 orRon Ransom at 317-590-9626 or gahannalincoln99@gmail.com
1998     Molly O'Hare Stassfurth at mkoh79@yahoo.com
1997     Kim Neary (Caner) at glhs1997@hotmail.com
1996     Marci Ewing at marci_ewing@yahoo.com
1994   Mitchell A. Finke @ 614-989-4719 or mitchellafinke@aol.com
1993   Brad Schneider at 614-471-6061 or brad.schneider@schneiderins.com
1992 Contact Amy (Dudas) Huddleston at ahuddle82@hotmail.com
1991 classof91reunion@hotmail.com or Facebook (link to group Gahanna Lincoln Class of 1991)
1989     Kristen Ankney Bogumill at kdbogumill@comcast.net or Lori Walker Broderick at lori.broderick@sutherland.com. Shenna Drugan at ssdrugan@hotmail.com or 614-390-9465 Information at www.nationalreunions.com
1988     Samantha Siegel-Campbell at manthacam1970@yahoo.comor 864-723-2030
1987     Mindy Ingram at igahanna@aol.com or 614-284-7517
1986     Becky (Riley) Arata at 740-964-2216 or BEKAL2@aol.com or Missy (Roberts) Jones at 740-964-6278 or missyjonesoh@earthlink.net
1985   www.Gahannaclassof85.com or Jana (Fox) Sandusky at 614-657-1686 or janasandusky@columbus.rr.com or www.GahannaLincolnLiondsClassof1985.com
1984     www.gahannaclassof1984.com
1983     Rita Redman (Ongaro) at rmr804@aol.com or 614-804-8377
1982     Mindy Strait Moss at glhs82@hotmail.com or 614-475-6065
1981     glhsclassof81@yahoo.com or http://home.earthlink.net/~glhs81/ or Tim Linson at 614-939-9630 tlinson@rts.com or Randy Orkis at 740-964-0979 rorkis@aol.com
1980   Lori Cooper Kauble, lorikauble@yahoo.com, (614) 917-9398
1979     mjm937@aol.com - send contact info or contact Missy Dunfee Martin at missy.martin@stateauto.com
1978     mdw38@aol.com or Kristi (Penrod) Williams at 614-775-0205
1977     Kellie (Dawley) Bommer at 614-855-2364, Randy Maxwell at 614-855-1501 or e-mail glhsclassof1977@yahoo.com
1976     Mary Ann Schneider-Handley at 614-939-4664 or m-handley@sbcglobal.net; or Bob Henry at 614-475-3808 or player1rmh@aol.com
1975     Dave Clark at daveclark405@gmail.com or 503-230-5110; or Sandra DeNijs at sdenijs@yahoo.com or 513-528-1910. 
1974     Barb (Blaskis) Lang at balang74@yahoo.com or 614-337-1640. The class of '74 is considering teaming up with a couple other classes who spent their high school years with us; let us know if your class is interested.
1973     See info under 1974
1972 http://www.classof1972.myevent.com
Christine Davis at 614-783-7620 (after 7:00 P.M. week nights), Adele Perkins at 614-855-5152 or basketlover@hotmail.com, Ken Kelly at 805-284-7906 or kwilliamkelly@yahoo.com, or Steve Herb at steve@steveherb.com. Also Class of 1972 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GahannaLincoln
1971     Marjie Luft-Swies at mswies@yahoo.com
1970     www.gahannaclass1970.com
1969     Michelle Cousino Brunetto at jbrune@aol.com or Carol Filley Driscoll at cdriscoll@columbus.rr.com
1967     Kathy Sindel Schwade at 614-476-5032 or Jeanne Lortz Parker at 614-868-0601
1966      Steve Davies at 614-478-8797 or pygmy91101@att.net
1965   Kathy (Sodt) Huff, PO Box 192, Leesburg OH  45135; 937-780-7611-home; 937-403-6311-cell, or kathyhuff@cinci.rr.com
1964     Bob Thurman at rthurman@insight.rr.com
1962 View the Event
1961     Contact Gene (Gundelfinger) Dailey at 740-816-1677 or gene.gigi.dailey639@gmail.com OR Jim Shaffer at 614-507-7314 or annuity4u@aol.com
1960 Pete Ferguson at 614-832-3386
1959     Jeanne (Milless) Stonerock at 614-477-9844 or Jane Hutchinson 740-924-3451 or Shirley Ishmael at rsishmael@sbcglobal.net
1958   Dave Heigle at 614-488-1541 or dheigle@columbus.rr.com; or Sue Earl at see7earl@juno.com
1957     Aloha Baugh at 614-471-1141
1956     Tom Binns at 614-471-2473 or tbinns@insight.rr.com