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Gahanna, Ohio is home to the Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools (GJPS) and is conveniently located in northeast Franklin County, adjacent to I-270 and approximately 8 miles from downtown Columbus. The district, which includes the City of Gahanna and parts of Jefferson and Mifflin townships, is a culturally diverse suburban area with about 35,000 residents.

DistrictMore than 7,500 students from kindergarten through grade 12 attend the district's seven elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school. Approximately 78% of the students graduating from Gahanna Lincoln High School are pursuing a two- or four-year post secondary options, and 14% attend either vocational schools, the military or pursuing other opportunities.

The elementary schools have approximately 450 students in each building. The middle schools have around 550-600 students per building and the high school level has around 2,330 students in attendance.

The district also provides a 'big picture' view of education, going beyond schools and encompassing the community. A broad scope of academic, cultural and athletic programs abound for both students and adults. The Gahanna Concert Series featuring nationally known musicians, local community theater productions, the Gahanna City Recreation Department and Junior League athletic events, local religious groups and Columbus State Community College, all use the G-J facilities to provide services that enhance educational opportunities for our students and the community.

  • Grades: - Kindergarten through 12
  • Enrollment: - 7,243 students
  • Expenditure Per Pupil: - $11,063
  • Student/Teacher Ratio*: - 25:1
  • Staff: - 555 teaching faculty members and 287 support staff members
  • Graduation Rate: - 94.5%
  • Attendance Rate, K-12: - 95%

*Ratio based on district average for classroom teachers.

Staff Training - Certificated Staff Only

Degree Percentage of Staff
Bachelor's Degree 24%
Master's Degree 75%
Doctorate Degrees 1%

All Gahanna-Jefferson teachers are highly qualified. Three buildings, Goshen Lane Elementary, Royal Manor Elementary and Middle School West, qualify for Title I Schoolwide status and receive Title I funding.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Gahanna-Jefferson Public School District is to develop citizens who possess the self-esteem, motivation and skills needed to communicate effectively, acquire and apply knowledge, make responsible decisions, respect cultural diversity and adapt to the challenges of the 21st century, by providing a diverse, well-trained staff, dedicated to delivering a comprehensive curriculum which is based on research and which meets student and community needs.

School Facts
Opening Day of Classes Wed., Aug. 17, 2016
Last Day of Classes Thurs., May 25, 2017

School building time schedules

Lincoln High School 7:35AM-2:50PM
Middle schools 8:45AM-3:30PM
Elementary schools 8:00AM-2:25PM

Enrollment Information

Entrance requirements:

On or before Aug. 1, students must be five (5) years old to enter kindergarten and six (6) years old to enter first grade. Students must have completed kindergarten in order to enter first grade. This requirement may be waived provided certain criteria are met. Please visit our Welcome Center for more information.

Parents and/or legal guardians must establish and maintain legal residency in the school district. However, under specific circumstances and with approval, parents may enroll their child on a temporary basis before actually moving into the district.

Registration and enrollment:

New students should enroll at the Welcome Center. A birth certificate, a copy of previous school records and proof of residency are required at the time of registration. Immunizations against DPT, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) are required for all students. Beginning fall 2010, all entering kindergartners through 4th graders must have had Varicella (chickenpox) or provide proof of the chickenpox vaccination. The Hepatitis B series is required for all students in K-11th grade. Additionally, 7th graders must have received a Tdap vaccine. Please visit this page for more detailed information on requirements for enrollment.


Regular attendance is vital to academic success. Parents are expected to communicate with the school through phone calls and/or notes when their child is absent. The schools will also be in contact with parents regarding procedures to deal with any attendance issues and to comply with guidelines to protect against missing children.

Student demographics:

As an ethnically diverse suburban school system in Franklin County, Gahanna-Jefferson fosters cooperation, positive relationships and respect for different cultures. Approximately 2.5% of our students are Hispanic, about 3.3% are Asian, 16.5% are African American, and about 6.2% are multiracial. Around 170 students in the district attend English Language Learner classes with approximately 26 different native languages spoken.

Volunteer Programs

Families play an important role in the district. Parents are welcome to volunteer in individual programs such as classroom aides and reading tutors. Parent organizations at every level (elementary, middle and high school) and Booster Clubs greatly enhance and enrich both curricular and extracurricular opportunities for our students.

Gahanna-Jefferson Schools provide students with learning experiences related to civic and global responsibilities by utilizing community resources. A variety of businesses provide incentives and donations for school recognition programs, while others personally participate in teaching units on economics, career preparation, interviewing and employment skills.

The Gahanna-Jefferson Education Foundation is an agency to promote excellence within the Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools through funding competitive grants and facilitating scholarships.

Student Safety

The purpose of school is to safely educate our students, providing a protected setting where learning can flourish and productive educational practices can take place. The Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools embraces this philosophy and pursues this goal through our Crisis Management Plan, partnerships with the City of Gahanna and local law and fire agencies, and numerous school initiatives.

The school initiatives include an "inside out defense," a belief in connecting with our students. Through programs such as Youth to Youth Club, Character Education, the Renaissance program, the high school's PRIDE period, the school resource officers and many other initiatives, the district's caring curriculum teaches students to be good citizens, while ensuring a climate for productive learning and safe schools.

NOTE: Any parent or guardian who believes that their child has been the subject of bullying or other type of aggressive behavior is encouraged to immediately report such behavior to school personnel. Administration will investigate allegations and provide a written summary of the findings. Parent/Student Incident Reporting Form (PDF)