District: Pupil services/special programming

Sherri Zynda
Director of Special Programming
(Pupil Services, Gifted Education, ELL, Curriculum & Professional Development)

Secretary: Debbie Arnold
Phone: (614) 479-1310
Fax: (614) 478-5568

The Special Programming department provides trained expertise to meet students' needs. Students in the Gahanna-Jefferson Schools benefit from the wealth of experience offered through the district’s psychologists, counselors, speech pathologists, E.L.L. teachers, and health care professionals. Drug and alcohol education is an important part of the health curriculum in grades K-12. In addition, the district is pro-active both in securing professionals for prevention measures and in building student relationships. A district mental health consultant addresses issues of identity, mediation and diversity with the middle and high school students.

Summer School

Each year the Gahanna-Jefferson Public School district offers a wide variety of summer courses for students—pre-kindergarten through high school—as part of the 'Journey To Learning' program. There are programs for intervention/remediation, enrichment, high school credit and make-up classes

Health Services

The Gahanna-Jefferson Public School district is committed to provide a healthy learning environment for our students and staff. Four registered nurses and a full-time LPN are assigned to assume the essential duties and responsibilities to conduct a comprehensive program that:

  • Promotes wellness and provides information on healthy lifestyle choices
  • Provides mandated screening and immunization monitoring
  • Administers medication
  • Maintains up-to-date, cumulative health records on all students
  • Makes recommendations to parents, physicians and dentists on health needs of individual students
  • Works in collaboration with parents to provide special, medical condition information and procedures to appropriate staff
  • Responds to emergencies with appropriate first aid procedures

The nursing staff is assisted by clerical staff at each building.

E.L.L. - English Language Learners

English Language Learners (E.L.L.) is a program designed to help ensure that children who are limited English proficient are provided the necessary support to develop both language and core curriculum subjects.

Students receive academic assistance through both E.L.L. classes and tutorial services. Additional support is also offered through the Summer Journey to Learning program. The primary goal of the E.L.L. program is to prepare students to successfully transition into regular classes and assist them in meeting state academic achievement standards.

Students enrolled in the elementary E.L.L. program are assigned to either Jefferson or Goshen Lane elementary schools. The middle school E.L.L. program is located at Middle School West and Middle School East. Special transportation arrangements are made to accommodate students and parents.

District Policies