Middle School Redistricting Plan



It is a common practice for school districts to continually monitor enrollment to ensure building populations are balanced and able to serve students in an equitable, educationally sound manner. Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools has been monitoring elementary and middle school enrollment numbers for a couple of years, knowing some realignment of school boundaries would eventually be needed. We understand the impact redistricting has on students and families, and we are empathetic to the emotions that some families endure when faced with redistricting efforts.

At this time, there is a need to address our imbalanced middle school enrollment to assure we can meet all students’ educational needs. For instance, our enrollment at Middle School West is projected to have 223 more students than Middle School East, while Middle School South will have 187 more. Research tells us class size and student-teacher ratios matter a great deal, so balancing middle school numbers is extremely important educationally.

Complete Middle School Redistricting Letter to Parents

Middle School Density Map with No Boundary Changes

Previous Middle School Boundary Map (2017-2018) with No Boundary Changes

New Middle School Boundary Map with 2018-2019 Boundary Changes


Enrollment in Gahanna Middles Schools with No Boundary Changes



After meeting with a parental committee of representatives from every elementary and middle school, this plan was developed to provide:

  • Gradual roll-in of 6th-grade classes which allows older, already established students to finish in the middle school they currently attend
  • Allowance for redistricted 6th graders to attend middle school with older, already established siblings
  • Boundary lines that support the value we place on neighborhood schools
  • Plan option that impacts the least number of families and still provides a gradual decrease in the large discrepancy of building enrollment numbers

Middle School South will Welcome Students From:

  • Rocky Fork Heights neighborhood
    (previously Middle School West)

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Middle School East will
Welcome Students From:

  • Rocky Creek Apartments
    (previously Middle School West)

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  • Neighborhoods North of Havens Corners Road and East of Hamilton Road
    (previously Middle School South)

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