Child Nutrition: Breakfast and lunch menus

Gahanna-Jefferson Schools welcomes you and your children to the cafeteria!


Nutritional Analysis

*The data contained within these reports and the nutritional analysis software should not be used for and does not provide menu planning for a child with a medical condition or food allergy. Ingredients and menu items are subject to change or substitution without notice. Please consult a medical professional for assistance in planning for or treating medical conditions.


A well-balanced lunch ensures your child has plenty of energy to keep learning through the afternoon!

Students are offered a delicious, nutritious lunch each day made by the district’s food service staff based on USDA requirements. Plate lunches include five food components including protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and a ½ pint of milk. Students must choose at least three components; one must be a fruit or vegetable. Does your child have a food allergy we should be aware of? Please complete this form.


Breakfasts promotes learning readiness and encourages healthy eating habits!

Breakfast is available daily (except for two-hour delays) at Chapelfield, Goshen Lane, Jefferson, Lincoln, Royal Manor, Middle School South and West, and Lincoln High School. The plate breakfast varies daily, is based on USDA requirements offering whole grains, may include protein, fruit, and ½ pint of milk. Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch are eligible for free or reduced-price breakfast as well. Contact your child’s school for specific breakfast serving time.