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Event Details

Israeli 2012 Teacher of the Year Visits GLHS

  • WHEN:
  • Wednesday, October 17, 2012
    11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • WHERE:
  • Gahanna Lincoln HS

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Event Details

Israeli 2012 Teacher of the Year Limor Miller to Visit GLHS

Left-right: Benjamin H. Russell, sophomore; Luke T. Liston, senior;
GLHS Principal Dwight Carter; Limor Miller, 2012 Israeli Teacher
of the Year; Alyssa Russell, an educational services coordinator with the
Columbus Jewish Federation; Jenna I. Rajczyk, sophomore; and,
Jaleah L. Jones, a senior, — at the GLHS DECA Paw Print.

The Israeli 2012 Teacher of the Year Limor Miller, in partnership with the Columbus Jewish Federation's Partnership Together (P2G), recently toured the campus of Gahanna Lincoln HS.

Limor, of Kfar Saba, Israel, the Columbus Jewish Center's sister city, is a passionate advocate for special education and the belief that all children can learn. On average, more than 94 percent of her students pass the standardized test administered by The State of Israel Ministry of Education . The Ministry is a  branch of government charged with overseeing public education institutions in Israel

Before embarking on a tour of the building, GLHS Principal Dwight Carter and students Benjamin H. Russell, sophomore; Luke T. Liston, senior; Jenna I. Rajczyk, sophomore; and, Jaleah L. Jones, senior; broke bread with a light lunch while sharing observations about the similarities and differences in education between the two countries.

For example, the GLHS students were surprised to learn that the average class size was approximately 38 students and that the average school day is 8 a.m., to 5 p.m. "That's a whole work day," smiled Liston.

Limor added: "In Israel, the students and the teachers bring their lunch from home and we take a brief break from instruction for the noonday meal."

Liston and Russell shared the many options to dine in the cafeteria or to go out to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Jones and Rajczyk also looked on surprised, before wondering aloud about missing the social time they had been accustomed to.  Being a teacher, Limor advised that they unknowingly answered their own question within their question with; accustomed to.

What Limor wasn't accustomed to, at least not in the same manner as the students, was the outdoor warning siren that suddenly went off, as it customarily does each Wednesday at noon. Limor's confused look faded as Principal Carter and a local Jewish Center representative Alyssa Russell explained its typically used to warn of severe weather and it's part of a weekly test conducted by Franklin County when the weather is mild.

"Very useful, but such a siren has a very different purpose in Israel," said Limor as the students considered the weight of her words in light of the various conflicts and resulting instability around the globe.

The group then began a tour of the building, with Limor taking a particular interest in the school's award-winning WGLH television production studio; its uniquely designed special education and multiple disabilities rooms; and stop by the Paw Print, managed by the GLHS award-winning DECA Marketing Club.

More About Limor Miller
Limor MillerLimor has worked extensively with children with special needs and learning disabilities for more than 17 years. Since 2006, Limor Miller has served as a grade coordinator at the Katznelson High School in Kfar Saba, where she is responsible for managing staff, more than 220 students, and overall educational content. From 2000-2006, she served as the coordinator of the school’s social activities. 

In 1994, Limor earned a bachelor’s in history with a formal teaching certification from the Ben-Gurion University of Beer-Sheva.  She is currently studying for her master’s in “Democracy Science” from the Political Science Department of the Open University in Israel. Miller is also studying education administration at the Avner Rosha Institute in Jerusalem.

For more information, contact the GJPS Office of Communications at 614-478-5543 or Alyssa Russell, educational services coordinator, with the Columbus Jewish Federation at 614-559-3234.
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