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2014-15 Lion's Roar Staff

Lion's Roar Staff Adviser
Student Editor-in-Chief
Nathan Matthews

Section Editor
Taylor Blosser

Staff Writers
Blake Baker
Sydney Green
Loie Greenwood
Aliyah Hardaway
Ana Hoosier
Zach Huyghe
Akilah Kafele
Erin Kemp
Devin Ruff
Haylie Teutsch

Sami Jander
Eleni Kokales
Erin Moore
Kyla Wagner
  Lion's Roar Student News Magazine
The Lion’s Roar is Gahanna Lincoln’s award-winning, student-produced news magazine. For more than 30 years The Lion’s Roar has reported on key issues and trends about our school, our community and our nation.

Issue: April 2013

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The Lion’s Roar is a publication by the students of Gahanna Lincoln High School. It has a schoolwide audience as well as many parents, staff, and community members.

The Lion’s Roar
exists to inform readers about school and community events and how they affect individuals and group members. The Lion’s Roar also exists as an open forum to discuss concerns and problems encountered by the administration and students. Our overall goal is to inform, entertain, and persuade its readers. The Lion’s Roar printed content is not submitted for prior review by anyone other than its editors-in-chief, the editorial board, and the staff adviser.

However, The Lion’s Roar reserves the right to not print any materials considered to be libelous, obscene, profane, purposely disruptive, or an invasion of privacy. All Lion's Roar staff members are expected to read, understand, and practice these rules respecting journalistic ethics and will accept full responsibility for their writing and/or photography, as well as any factual errors they may contain.

Letters should be turned in no later than two weeks after the previous issue. The Lion’s Roar reserves the right to edit all letters for space and content. The letter may be dropped off to The Lion's Roar newsroom:  Hamilton Hall, Room 147; the adviser’s main office mailbox; given to any Lion's Roar staff member, or via email to

Advertising which endorses any substance illegal for teenagers will not be sold. Political advertisements endorsing a specific party, candidate, or issue will not be accepted as any other advertisement. The Lion’s Roar reserves the right to withhold publication of any unpaid ad or any ad denied by majority decision of the Gahanna-Jefferson Board of Education.

Journalism/Newspaper (Grades 11-12)

In this class, students will apply the skills learned in Honors English 10/Journalism to the production of the school’s newspaper, The Lion’s Roar. Newspaper staff members are expected to participate in attending workshops. Prerequisite: Honors English 10/Journalism and submission of an application available in the GLHS Guidance Office.