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A Gahanna-Jefferson Graduate Is...

The Gahanna-Jefferson Public School Graduate Profile defines our students and serves as our guide to further prepare them with the academic, character, and social and cultural skills required for the 21st century global world. A GJPS graduate is...

A Responsible Community Member:

  • Possesses integrity and a well developed work ethic
  • Values diversity
  • Is character driven and goal oriented
  • Contributes to society through service and civic duty
  • Promotes positive health and wellness through responsible decision making
A Collaborative Team Member:
  • Respects others' opinions and contributions
  • Contributes to teamwork and/or demonstrates leadership qualities
  • Is open minded and flexible
  • Is passionate about beliefs
A Comprehensive Problem Solver:
  • Thinks creatively, critically, and independently
  • Identifies problems and accesses resources
  • Creates and implements a plan of action
  • Reflects, evaluates, and plans next steps
An Effective Communicator:

  • Listens actively
  • Writes well for various purposes
  • Adapts public speaking to different audiences
  • Interprets and conveys information logically
A Proficient Technology User:

  • Navigates a variety of tools efficiently and creatively
  • Uses technology morally and ethically
  • Chooses appropriate resources according to the task








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