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State Releases Preliminary District Report Card Data

State Releases Preliminary 2011-12 Report Card Data 
Gahanna-Jefferson Analysis Indicates Continued Success

After much deliberation, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has released its preliminary school district report cards, detailing how Ohio’s students performed on the various 2011-2012 state achievement tests and similar measures, including: attendance, demographic profile, and the graduation rate of the indicated school building or district.

Click here to review Gahanna-Jefferson's Preliminary ODE 2011-12 Report Card Data, including updates, as provided.

“In a review of the state data for all grades and subjects, Gahanna-Jefferson appears to have once again met all of the Ohio’s academic indicators,” said Francis Scruci, superintendent of Gahanna-Jefferson Public School.

Scruci also said that a further analysis of the preliminary data indicates that Gahanna-Jefferson has also met the 2011-2012 Value-Added and the 2011-2012 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) measures.

New, this year, the ODE Report Card does not provide a single graduation rate as it had in the past. It now features a four- and a five-year longitudinal graduation rate calculation category.  In both measures, Gahanna-Jefferson continues to exceed the state required 90 percent standard.

The ODE 2011-2012 District Report Card is not in its usual eight-page, reader-friendly format that parents and educators have come to expect. The State Board of Education opted to release the preliminary data in a spreadsheet format.  Accordingly, the ODE spreadsheet released Oct. 17, 2012, did not yet provide Performance Index calculations, Student Attendance Rate calculations or an overall district or individual schools’ rating.  Update: Oct. 23, 2012:
Note: An Oct. 23, 2012, Interim Report on Student Attendance Data and Accountability report by State Auditor David Yost found no reporting irregularities in Gahanna-Jefferson. | For more information, contact Auditor of State Dave Yost at 614-466-2310, or click here to download the full report.

Preliminary 2011-12 District Results at a Glance

In a review of the state data for all grades and subjects, Gahanna-Jefferson appears to have once again met all of the state’s academic indicators. — GJPS Superintendent Francis Scruci

  Click here to download the previous ODE 2010-2011 School Year Report Card Data for GJPS

GJPS Value-Added: √ Met
The Value-Added Measure indicates whether students in grades 3-8  meet the expected one year of academic growth in reading and math. During the previous 2010-2011 reporting period, the ODE calculated GJPS students had also exceeded state benchmark expectations.
Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP): √ Met  
AYP is a federally required component that measures achievement of each student subgroup, including racial and ethnic components. GJPS has moved upward in this category. Beth Spieth, GJPS executive director of curriculum , attributes this progress to “meeting the student where they are academically.” She went on to say: “We really embrace the use of ongoing formative assessments of every student in order for our teachers to  develop instructional strategies tailored to their individual need.
Longitudinal Graduation Rate:  √  Met - 91.6%
New this year, and required by federal law, this category is designed to calculate and closely track when students transfer to or from a school (or district). Gahanna-Jefferson continues to exceed the state’s graduation rate requirement of 90 percent.

“To the best of our knowledge, as a District, we have acted appropriately in our reporting. I believe in 100 percent community transparency. There will be no data  irregularities in Gahanna-Jefferson,” said Scruci, citing an internal three-year procedural review.

Scruci adds: “When the state does release the full 2011-2012 District Report Cards, we anticipate GJPS will have no less than an ‘Excellent’ designation.  “Meanwhile, our focus is on our own newly-identified Districtwide goals. If we – the staff, students, and the community - commit to these core values, everything else will take care of itself” he said.

In a written statement, ODE’s Michael  L. Sawyers,  acting superintendent of public instruction, said the department is committed to releasing data when available so that students, parents, educators and the public can be informed about the progress of its schools.  However, Sawyers cautions that the data is “not yet final.”

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* The auditor is looking into irregularities in the reporting of student data statewide, with an emphasis on improperly withdrawing and re-enrolling of students, and the lack of documentation to support it. The alleged action is said to boost a District's achievement data.

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