Lincoln High School
Begins - 7:35am • Dismissal - 2:50pm
Lincoln High School - Newsletter and Handbook

Communication of information is an integral part of the school's goal of staying connected to parents. School newsletters provide news about both curricular and extracurricular opportunities for students. Summaries of classroom activities, student and school accomplishments, and important event dates are available in the newsletters to keep parents up to date.

The Lion’s Roar
The Lion’s Roar is Gahanna Lincoln’s award winning student-produced news magazine. For more than thirty years The Lion’s Roar has reported on key issues and will continue to include articles that keep our audience informed about our school, community, and the nation. Click here for the latest!

Student and parent handbook
To promote a positive climate and environment that is conducive for learning, the Lincoln High School handbook provides guidelines and policies to assist students in being responsible, courteous and respectful of others. It provides information that addresses student conduct, appropriate student dress, attendance and school policies.
>> Download the 2016-17 GLHS student handbook