Extracurricular Events

Middle School East (MSE) students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as:  football, cross-country, volleyball, boys' and girls' basketball, wrestling, track and softball. Additionally, programs such as Power of the Pen, Student Council, the annual Talent Show, Drama Club, Math Counts, Gamers Club, Spelling Bee and others offer opportunities for students to grow academically as well as socially.

Community Involvement

MSE has strong parental support and involvement through an energetic Parent-Teacher Association. Many students participate in community service projects through the Student Council and Renaissance organizations. The school also participates in community activities and serves as a location where many parent and community organizations meet.

Special Incentives

MSE offers special motivational programs including Honor Roll, academic award programs, citizenship awards and various classroom based incentive programs. As well, MSE now has the Josten's Renaissance System. Renaissance is a reward and recognition system that celebrates students progress and academic achievements, attendance and behavior. To review the criteria, please contact Jessie McKimmins in the school office. With the input of our staff and students, we have established four core principles that we expect from our students that we call the Renaissance Way

  • talent
  • dance

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