Middle School West
Begins - 8:45am • Dismissal - 3:30pm

Middle School West - Activities

Extracurricular Offerings
Students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as football, cross-country, volleyball, tennis, basketball, wrestling, track, and softball.  Additionally, programs such as Power of the Pen, Honor Society, Student Council, Spelling Team, Geography Club, the annual Talent Show, Spirit Rallies, and Activity nights sponsored by the PTO offer students to grow academically as well as socially.  Power of the Pen is available to 7th and 8th grades, and Honor Society is only for 8th grade students.

Community Involvement
Gahanna Middle School West enjoys strong parental support and involvement both from its parents as a whole and parents who form the PTO.  The school also participates in community activities and serves as a location where many parent and community organizations meet.

GMSW Clubs and Activities for 2014-2015 (always subject to change)

Art Club - Miss Cornelius
Band - Jazz (7th & 8th grade) - Mr. Miller
Band - Solo/Ensemble - Mr. Miller
Band - Woodwind Choir (7th & 8th grade) - Mr. Miller
Battle of the Books Book Club - Mrs. Gregory
Drama Club - Miss Shotts and Mrs. Kelley
Gaming Club - Mrs. Gregory and Mrs. Clay
Geography Bee - Mr. Hunt
Honor Society - Miss Sterl
Math Club - Mrs. Wolfe and Miss Cummings
Newspaper Club - Mrs. Dickey
Power of the Pen - Miss Magers
Spelling Bee - Mrs. Doonan
Student Council - Miss Clark
Talent Show - Mrs. Harding
Wake Up West - Mrs. Gregory
West Buds - Mrs. Turner