Gahanna-Jefferson Schools Parent Portal Information

Parents and Guardians now have the option to recover their own username and/or password. 

Here is more information about the Parent Portal Self-Service Options


Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is the district's student information system. We use this system for a variety of purposes, including reporting grades, attendance, storing information about individual students, and communication to parents.



A new way to access the Parent Portal:

This site provides an easy to way access the portal and find help.

Infinite Campus Information


About our Student Information/Parent Portal System

With Infinite Campus, students and parents are able to access information about student schedules, grades, attendance, transportation and fees via the Internet through what is known as the Infinite Campus portal.

Gahanna-Jefferson Schools also uses the Infinite Campus messenger system to communicate with parents for routine messages and emergencies, including school closures, attendance, and behavior issues. Such messages include emails, automated phone calls, and text messages you receive from the district, your school, and even your child’s teacher.

The portal can be accessed from any web browser, as well as through mobile apps that are available for Apple products (iPhones, iPods, iPads) and Android devices. Please note that updates to information should be done through a web browser, not the Infinite Campus mobile app.


Confirming/Updating Your Family Information (Annually)

All parents with students in Grades preK-12 should confirm their contact information on Infinite Campus, including their preferred email addresses and phone numbers, before the start of each school year. This is located in the parent portal in the left hand menu bar title "Online Registration"

After submitting your annual update, you will receive a message in your Infinite Campus inbox after the data has been corrected. Please note that these updates may take several days to verify and approve, so we encourage you to begin this process immediately.

If you do not have an activated account (or if you’ve forgotten your password)

If you have not activated your Infinite Campus account (or have forgotten your password), you must activate one to ensure you receive communication from Gahanna-Jefferson Schools.

To activate a parent account, click the “Infinite Campus Help Desk Ticket” button at the top of this page and fill out the help desk request. Your account will be activated as soon as possible by Gahanna-Jefferson Schools Technology Department personnel. An activation code will be emailed to you, along with other information necessary to set up an account. With that information, you will create an account and password to be able to login.


Infinite Campus Mobile App

The Infinite Campus parent/student portal is available on many popular mobile devices. As of June 2019 there are new portals for Students and Parents. For more information about the Student and Parent portals and links to the appropriate App Stores.

Instructions for NEW Mobile Campus Portal users

First, download the mobile application for iOS, Android, and Amazon. (Search for “Infinite Campus” in the app store for your device.)

Then, enter “Gahanna-Jefferson Public School” in the District Name field and select “Ohio” in the State field. Click on the green Search button.

Next, click on Gahanna-Jefferson Public School. Enter your Infinite Campus username and password. Click the green “Log In” button.

If you receive a “Your account needs attention” error: Log into the portal using a web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari). After you successfully log into the portal via a browser, you should be able to log into your iOS or Android mobile portal app.


Helpful User Information for the Parent Portal

Pop-up Blockers

Some features of the portal may require having pop-up blockers disabled in your web browser. Please see online documentation for your specific browser for information on disabling pop-up blockers. Gahanna-Jefferson Schools cannot provide technical support for personal equipment or browser settings.

Security Preferences/ Password Retrieval

If you do not remember the user name or password you established for you parent portal please submit a helpdesk request here: Link to portal helpdesk

Changing Passwords

Open the "Account Settings" screen. Type a new password (click on the blue circle with the white question mark for helpful suggestions). Create a password that’s 100 percent secure. After retyping the new password to verify, go to the bottom of the screen, enter your current (old) password, then save.

Update Contact Information

The district uses a messaging system to notify parents of emergencies including school closures, cancellations, and delays. The district will use the contact information present in the Contact Preferences section of the Parent Portal. If information is in the primary email (labeled “Email”) along with Other and Cell phone numbers we will use these methods for General and Emergency communications. If you uncheck these options in your portal they will be reapplied nightly. For more information about Contact Preferences click here for link to messenger information.


Clicking on the Grades tab will display the in-progress grade for the current quarter (in yellow) as well as the posted (called the “final”) grade for any grading task (including interim marks, semester exams, etc.). These cells are green. Please be aware that the in-progress grades will fluctuate greatly throughout the quarter as teachers enter scores.

Clicking on a specific course will bring up detailed assignment information for the course.

Click on a specific assignment for more detail. Some teachers mark assignments as turned in when they have the work, but haven’t had a chance to grade/record it. Please contact your student’s teacher if you have questions about how they use the grade book.