Redistricting Plan


Redistricting Plan 2021

Over the past several months, we have been working to develop a redistricting plan that will allow us to utilize our new and much larger Lincoln Elementary, alleviate capacity concerns in buildings across the district and accommodate growth we are projecting in the near future. Making boundary changes for school assignments is challenging, but sometimes necessary, and we understand the outcome of our work may be difficult for some of our students and families.

It is important to know that much effort and consideration was given to identifying the best approach. A Superintendent’s Committee, made up of 13 community members, spent time examining our current attendance boundaries, enrollment projections and how elementary school student populations feed into middle schools. The committee worked closely with Cooperative Strategies, a national demographic planning firm for school districts, which provided the district with enrollment projections, planning units and GIS mapping tools to support this process.

The committee process offered extensive community engagement, including:

  • An initial community survey to gather feedback on priorities that should guide the processA feedback survey related to five redistricting options with the opportunity to sign up for a live focus group
  • Two virtual focus groups with live Q & A sessions
  • A review of all data and community input gathered
  • A final recommendation to the Superintendent

Redistricting Plan Summary


  • Our process began by reviewing the work of the committee as well as the feedback gathered from the community.
  • We analyzed current attendance boundaries, evaluated enrollment projections and considered how elementary school students feed into middle schools.
  • This comprehensive process informed our decision to implement redistricting Option 5, with some minor changes.
  • A phased rollout approach will be used to implement our redistricting plan
  • Phase 1 will go into effect August 2021
  • Phase 2 will go into effect August 2023 (once additions at Blacklick and High Point are completed) 

   PHASE 1 CHANGES (2021-22)   

Phase One Boundary Changes

   PHASE 2 CHANGES (2023-24)   

Phase Two Boundary Changes

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