Treasurer and Financial Services


District Treasurer & Finances



Scott Gooding
(614) 471-7065

Assistant Treasurer
Michelle White
(614) 478-5534



Administrative Assistant
Lisa Hebert
(614) 545-9241

Accounts Payable
Lisa Waller
(614) 479-1311

Classified & Substitutes Payroll
Jackie Howard
(614) 545-9262

Certificated & Administrators Payroll
Carrie Sussex 
(614) 416-5696

Leaves & Benefits Specialist
Kristel Harrell
(614) 479-1312

Student Activities
 Amy Johnson
(614) 478-5536




We believe it is prudent to have a cash reserve that is no less than 60 true days' cash. This is a long-term goal that will take time, deliberative discussion and a great deal of planning, which will be accomplished by focusing on the following fiscal principles:

  1. Every dollar spent must add value to teaching and learning and there are management options attached to all expenditures.
  2. All fiscal decisions will be made in the context of the five-year forecast.
  3. We will focus on managing expenses and diligently avoid deficit spending.
  4. Long range strategic planning for curriculum, technology and capital improvements must be continuously updated and followed.


The CFO/Treasurer reports directly to the Board of Education. The Treasurer and Superintendent are the only district employees who report directly to the Board.

The Treasurer acts as financial manager, provides sound financial guidance, and collaborates with district leadership in resource management and allocations.

The Office of the Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer encompasses a multitude of responsibilities and roles that include:

  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Payroll
  • Investments and debt management
  • Financial policies
  • Capital assets
  • Board minutes
  • Forecasting and financial communications


GJPS ARP ESSER Plan 2021-2024

English ARP ESSER Plan (PDF) 

Spanish ARP ESSER Plan (PDF)

Somali ARP ESSER Plan (PDF)

Nepali ARP ESSER Plan (PDF)


Audited Financial Statements

Year ending June 30, 2021

The Financial Report of Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2022 has been completed by the public office and is available for public inspection at the office of the Chief Fiscal Officer. This report is available for inspection at the office of the Treasurer/CFO, Gahanna-Jefferson Public School District, 160 South Hamilton Road, Gahanna, Ohio, 43230.

Five-Year Forecast

These reports are a five-year projection of school district operational revenues and expenditures. They are based upon what we know today and adjusted to reflect assumptions and predictions of future activities and events.

How to Read a Five-Year Forecast (PDF)  Tips and explanations on understanding a school district's forecast.

FY 2023 - 2027 (PDF) BOE Approved 11/17/22
FY 2022 - 2026 (PDF) 
BOE Approved 05/19/22
FY 2021 - 2025 (PDF)
FY 2020 - 2024 (PDF)
FY 2019 - 2023 (PDF)


Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (ACFR)

The GJPS Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) is independently audited and often exceeds generally accepted accounting principles. It is comprised of three major sections: introductory, financial and statistical.

FY 2019 (PDF)
FY 2018 (PDF)
FY 2017 (PDF)
FY 2016 (PDF)


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