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Brad Barboza

Brad Barboza, Principal


Middle School East (MSE) is one of three quality middle schools in the Gahanna-Jefferson School District. MSE has a rich tradition of high academic achievement and excellence. The administration and staff work together with parents to challenge the students to reach new heights both academically and socially. We provide various opportunities for students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that will enable them to continue to be successful both in and out of school.  

We strive not only for academic achievement, but for individual student growth in all areas including our core academic courses, performing arts, related arts, and a strong inclusion program.

Each morning, a team of students work collaboratively to produce our daily announcements show on East Live, our broadcast studio.

Brad Barboza, Principal
Middle School East


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Frequently Used Phone Numbers

Office: (614) 478-5550

Absences: (614) 478-5550 or 337-3737, Ext. 2004

Fax: (614) 478-5544


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Middle School East (MSE) serves students in grades 6-8. Enrollment is currently 520 students. Long-term enrollment projections have MSE remaining fewer than 600 students.

There are 44 certificated teachers, a guidance counselor, a librarian and two administrators at MSE. The average classroom teaching experience is 16 years and 80% of the MSE staff has a Master's degree. In addition, there are 11 staff members who serve in the areas of food and custodial services, office support and health services.

Our Focus

The school philosophy addresses itself to the growth of the total student. The primary concern is the development of academic skills. These skills can best be achieved with self-discipline (student awareness of appropriate behavior), health development (emotional and physical growth), and concern for the students' ability to become contributing members of the society in which they live and work with special emphasis on career opportunities.


School bus transportation is provided to students who reside over one mile (plus or minus one-tenth) from our school. To determine if your household is within this school's boundaries, please visit the Transportation Department's Bus Routes page and enter your street address using Transfinder i. Results from the search will list the school(s) for your household or show "address not found," which indicates that the address is not in the Gahanna-Jefferson Public School's boundaries. For further assistance, contact the Transportation Office at (614) 751-7581.

Middle School East is a one-story building including flexible design features, which offer options for large open instructional areas as well as traditional classrooms. Exterior facilities include outdoor education areas, an all-weather track, a football field, a softball/baseball field and soccer fields. All middle schools are wired for closed circuit television as well as the Internet. Each academic classroom has five computers, which are utilized as part of the instructional process.

Curriculum & Grading Scale

At the middle school level, academic courses include: language arts/reading, mathematics, science and social studies. French, German, Latin, Chinese and Spanish international language courses are available to students during their eighth-grade year.

The related arts program includes: health, physical education and a music choice (band, choir, orchestra or general music) for students every year, and opportunities are also provided in family & consumer science, art and technology education on a rotating basis throughout students' three years at MSE.

MSE offers its students a large variety of instructional materials to enhance learning. Students have daily access to library books, newspapers, magazines, computers, scanners and printers, as well as Internet access.

A 90-100%
B 80-89%
C 70-79%
D 60-69%
F 0-59%
I Incomplete

Special Education, Gifted Education and Pupil Services

Special Education Services are available for students with learning, speech/language, physical, developmental, emotional and multiple disabilities; the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program offers a variety of programs to appropriately meet the needs of academically gifted students; and Pupil Services provides trained expertise to meet students' individual needs in a variety of areas such as psychologists, counselors, English as a second language (ESL) and health care services. To find out more about the services offered under each of these areas, please click on the program's title.

Outstanding Programs and Services

MSE offers the same range of accelerated academic offerings as the other middle schools and students in these classes often excel in higher-level classes during their high school career. The special needs students benefit from a strong inclusion program that affords them the opportunity to learn and excel in the regular classroom setting. Middle School East is also know for excellence in the area of the performing arts and the award-winning writing team, "Power of the Pen."

MSE Event

For more information about our school or to arrange a tour, please contact the school office at (614) 478-5550 during regular school hours.