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Four students with thumbs up at Goshen Lane Elementary

Contact Information

Headshot of Erick Starkey

Erick Starkey
Public Information Coordinator

Judy Hengstebeck
Communications Specialist

Phone: (614) 471-7065

District Questions or Concerns

Celebrating & Sharing GJPS

The Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools’ Communication Department believes that relationships built on trust, transparency, and open communication, are the foundation for a strong and resilient school district.

The department’s goal is to develop an effective communications network that increases awareness, understanding, and support of Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools’ Vision, Mission and Beliefs.

The department is committed to:

  1. Fostering strong relationships with our educational and Gahanna communities
  2. Encouraging two-way communication with our stakeholders
  3. Providing focus and direction to district communications and community engagement
  4. Utilizing a variety of media and platforms to communicate and connect with our community
  5. Enabling the Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools to present itself accurately and consistently to all stakeholders

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