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GJPS Strategic Plan

Logo for Strategic Plan: GJPS, Inspiring Learners Bilding Futures
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The Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools strategic plan has been an eight-month process that included surveys, listening sessions, and staff/community workgroups, in partnership with RedCon, our consulting firm. Throughout the process, four general themes emerged surrounding communication, District-wide expectations for staff and student safety and comfort. The general perception of the District that came forth in all of the feedback was a general pride in GJPS.

Once the partner feedback was themed and shared with us, it was our desire to take a closer look at our Mission and Vision Statements. Throughout this collaborative process, we have developed a new mission, vision, values and framework. This work will drive the District's path for the next 3-5 years. As this was recently approved by the Board of Education, the next step is to develop a complete framework of action steps for our District. That framework will be dynamic, not static, and will be a living document that may pivot based on the needs of our students, District or community. This will all be shown in a dashboard so that our progress can be evaluated.

Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools is committed to INSPIRING LEARNERS, BUILDING FUTURES.

Our Mission

Empower students for lifelong success by ensuring that student learning is our top priority, preparing each student to continually thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our Vision

IGNITE a passion for learning
ENRICH student experiences
CHAMPION pathways to success for all

Dec. 7 Board of Education Presentation

Inspiring Learners | Building Futures

Our Values

Strategic Plan Framework

Create accessible and developmentally appropriate learning environments Enhance staff efficacy through a culture of collaboration and innovation Foster connection through communication and engagement Improve resource allocation and operations
  • Uphold the values of GJPS

  • Embed transformative practices in curriculum design, instructional strategies and assessment practices to facilitate student growth

  • Incorporate pathways that allow students to explore and pursue their passions

  • Prioritize student mental health, personal growth and well-being

  • Uphold the values of GJPS

  • Establish and nurture high expectations for students and staff

  • Build and sustain a culture of transparency and accountability

  • Engage in professional learning that supports innovative practices and improves their craft

  • Provide avenues to share, consider and act upon feedback

  • Create timely, consistent and accessible communication

  • Collaborate with students, families, staff and community to elevate the student experience and foster a safe environment

  • Cultivate community partnerships that broaden the learning experience for students

  • Optimize processes for accessibility and distribution of resources 

  • Leverage technology to improve district systems and operations

  • Collect and use relevant data as a basis for decision making

  • Retain staff and increase recognition