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Bioscience Students Present Capstone Projects

Group of 27 Bioscience students.

Students from Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical School’s Bioscience satellite program recently presented their senior capstone projects to a group of industry leaders. The bioscience program is taught by Kelly Lewis and is housed at Clark Hall.

A capstone project is an independent experiment that the student carries out during class time at their high school or while visiting a mentor at their facilities. Students can work with a mentor or totally on their own. They can get as creative as they want within the parameters of working in a secondary school setting, and they typically spend a total of 3-6 months on the project. 

Twenty-seven students participated in the annual capstone project event. Nearly twenty individuals, ranging from professors, doctors and research specialists from the biology, science and medical fields, participated as judges in the competition. The top three projects were selected and those students were rewarded for their work with scholarship money, donated by the Gahanna Rotary and Ohio Life Sciences.


1st place - Isabela Rivera
Identifying Dyslexia using an EEG

2nd place - Jesse Johnson
Sugar's Effect on the Speed of Textile Biodegradation via Gromphadorhina portentosa [Madagascar Hissing Cockroach]​

3rd place - Jaleea Gamble
The Effect of Black Raspberry Nectar on Gut Microbes

Honorable Mention - Quinn Toth
The Effects of Kaempferol on Drosphila melanogaster Given Reduced Mobility Symptoms Through Rotenone


1st place - Jaisen Simpson
The Effect that Cloves, Thyme and Coconut Oil Have on Gingivitis

2nd place - Madelyn Thompson
Understanding Infection-Induced Hypoxia After Spinal Cord Injury

3rd place - Autumn King
The Antibacterial Effect of Acidic pH on Canine Periodontal Disease Causing Bacteria; Streptococcus mutans


Chiara Hill
Removing Microplastics From Tap Water Using a Filter

Keira Hazell
The Effects of Colloidal Silver in Combination with Antibiotics on the Reduction of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria


4 students who won presentation award

Presentation Winners

Three poster winners holding certificate

Poster Winners

All Bioscience Capstone Project Winners

All Bioscience Capstone Project Winners