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Legal Requirements for Prevention Education

Side by Side Comparison: HB 123 and SB 288



Suicide Prevention, Violence Prevention and Social Inclusion


Child Sexual Abuse, Dating Violence and Sexual Violence Prevention

Start of Legislative Requirement: Prevention Education

23-24 School Year

23-24 School Year

Student Groups Impacted


K-12 with a distinction between K-6 & 7-12

Non-Curricular Requirements

  1. Threat Assessment Teams

 (requirement started 22-23)

  1. Emergency Management Plans

  2. Anonymous Reporting

 (requirement started 21-22)

  1. Violence Prevention Clubs 

(requirement started 21-22)


Curricular Requirements: Prevention Education

Developmentally appropriate instruction in suicide prevention; violence prevention and social inclusion


K-6: Developmentally appropriate instruction in child sexual abuse prevention. Instruction is to occur annually and include information on available counseling and resources for children who are sexually abused.


7-12: Developmentally appropriate instruction in dating violence prevention education and sexual violence prevention. Instruction must include recognizing dating violence warning signs and characteristics of healthy relationships.

Duration of Prevention Education

1 hour (or 1 class period) in each area = 3 hours total



Frequency of Prevention Education


Annually for K-6

No annual requirement for 7-12

Evidence-Based Approved Programming Required



Student Excusal

Yes, upon written request of the parent/guardian. 

Yes, upon written request of the parent/guardian. 

Staff Training Requirement




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